Crescent View Condo Units for Sale

Crescent View Homeowners Association does not endorse, nor in any way get involved with these listings, other than to ensure that they're from legitimate owners for legitimate sales. CVHA reserves the right to refuse any ad that it deems questionable.

Building D - Upper Unit

FSBO. Upper unit, Building D, #228. Wrap-around deck overlooking sport pool and boat launch. 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and large open loft area. Also, there is gas fireplace and the kitchen has been reconfigured and tiled.

Larry's cell phone is 509-398-0672. Our home phone is 509-787-1069.

Building E - Upper Unit

FSBO. Building E, Unit 229. Sold turnkey, fully furnished. Near the sports pool, with view of the cliffs and water. $395,000. 

Contact Dan Ginsey at

Building F - Lower Unit

Building F, Condo Unit #137

LInk to details: listing/WA/Quincy/8997- Crescent-Bar-Rd-NW-F137-98848/ 46657379